Catapult Signs its First Customer in the Largest Motorsport Code in North America

Catapult (ASX:CAT), the global performance technology leader in elite sports, is pleased to announce its entry into the NASCAR motorsports market, the largest motorsport code in Catapult’s largest market of North America. U.S. stock car team Roush Fenway Racing, which competes in the NASCAR Cup Series, will use Catapult’s motorsport race strategy platform RaceWatch beginning with the 2022 season, in a new multi-year deal.

As the SaaS leader in the sports technology vertical, Catapult continues to open new markets around the world adding to the more than 150 leagues and federations that already rely on its solutions for critical workflows. The addition of a NASCAR team to the company’s list of customers proves its strong growth potential beyond the field or pitch of traditional sports.

RaceWatch is trusted by numerous codes of motorsport including Formula 1, Formula E and Le Mans. It provides a race strategy platform which integrates video, audio, and data analysis in real-time for a comprehensive view of team performance in any race setting. In RaceWatch, timing, telemetry, GPS, and weather data are analyzed and integrated with circuit cameras, pit cameras, and the team’s radio and intercom system. 

The platform provides teams a single source of truth for car and driver performance during competitions by giving pitwall, the garage, engineering office, and remote strategy room the same real-time access to data and analysis. This technology will empower Roush Fenway Racing to rapidly monitor changing circumstances, predict trends, and modify its racing strategy and tactics in real-time to meet the needs of the race conditions.  

For this new market, RaceWatch will meet the strategic and analytical needs of NASCAR racing, including regulations that are specific to the series. 

“We’re proud that Roush Fenway Racing is choosing Catapult to track, analyze, and ultimately optimize its performance during NASCAR races,” said Will Lopes, CEO of Catapult. “RaceWatch has delivered more than 2 million algorithmic predictions per race in Formula 1, giving those teams the most comprehensive view of race strategy. It continues to be the most sophisticated tool on the market, and we’re excited that a team as innovative as Roush Fenway Racing is the first to apply it to the exciting NASCAR Cup Series.”

Every second counts in racing,” said Kevin Kidd, Technical Director, Roush Fenway Racing.Using Catapult’s RaceWatch solution gives us an additional edge, offering every member of the team real-time insights into all the key performance data of the race. This means we can make decisions faster and with more accuracy than ever before, which gives us a critical advantage over competitors.” 

RaceWatch has supported championship winning teams throughout the last decade with Mercedes AMG Petronas winning seven straight World Championships. In addition to Formula E and the World Endurance Championship, RaceWatch has assisted Porsche Motorsport, Audi Sport, and Toyota Motorsport to win the world-famous Le Mans 24-hour race and the World Endurance Championship, as well as Audi winning the Formula E championship.