Eintracht Frankfurt signs multi-year deal for full suite of SBG applications

SBG Sports Software is excited to announce a new three-year partnership with Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt to provide a fully integrated video and data analysis solution.

The resumption of professional football, after the hiatus of the coronavirus pandemic, sees Eintracht Frankfurt taking full advantage of the seamless workflow offered by integrated SBG applications MatchTracker, Focus and the Hub. The interactive data-driven suite of tools will boost Eintracht Frankfurt’s matchday strategies and improve player performance.

Eintracht is one of the first clubs in the Bundesliga to benefit from processing live DFL data during a game. MatchTracker Live creates a comprehensive view by synchronising live event and position data with all video angles during the match. Along with automated alerts and tagging, Frankfurt’s analysts will be visualising hundreds of new KPIs and metrics, as well as gaining deeper insights into specific aspects of play.

Sebastian Zelichowski, Eintracht Frankfurt’s advisor to the executive board explains, “This is a relationship built on trust, motivation and passion for football. SBG has an intrinsic understanding of our analysis and coaching goals, providing us with custom tools and first-rate match support.

“Our close collaboration has already yielded impressive automated processes, stream-lining our workflow and giving us additional time for greater insights. Our in-game analysis is so much more perceptive now that we have access to integrated DFL eventing data.

“These are exciting times for football analytics, and we are delighted to be working with SBG to develop next generation toolsets to keep us ahead of the game.”

SBG will work with Eintracht Frankfurt to create bespoke dashboards and analysis templates to enable the automation of playlists, visualisations and presentation packages to be shared with the players and coaching team.

Simon Cuff, Commercial Director at SBG Sports Software, says “This new collaboration with Eintracht Frankfurt solidifies our status in the Bundesliga as the most innovative and sophisticated analysis software. MatchTracker and Focus are fully compatible with all the DFL video and data sources available live and post-game. We look forward to working even closer with Sebastian and his team to further enhance their analysis, development and recruitment processes.”

MatchTracker is used by the majority of clubs in the Premier League™, as well as many Clubs and Federations across the top leagues around the world. This elite client base has helped drive the platform’s development which enables it to support a growing list of competitions.