Focus for Officiating

VAR and Video Adjudication

Focus can capture as many angles as are available from the host broadcaster and add in any special cameras installed for the officials. The angles are presented in an easy to navigate interface with hot keys, touch screen support and jog shuttle controllers for rapid operation.
At any point you can instantly jump back to an incident, select the appropriate angle from the touch screen matrix and jog through the footage frame by frame, play in slow motion, rewind and zoom-in.
Focus has multiple output options so you can send what you are seeing to a pitch-side monitor to allow the in-field referee to make a more informed decision.
There is no limit to the number of active channels you can review and record. The matrix will also adjust based on the number of channels it detects.

Referee and Assistant Referee Training

It is not only teams that can take advantage of the benefits of Focus for training sessions. Referee organisations can use Focus to record training sessions and provide instant feedback on positioning, decision making and protocol. Focus can also record referee radio to ensure that communications are delivered clearly in the agreed format and style.

FocusForOfficiating Quote

Focus was first deployed in the summer of 2016 in Rio and used in more than 15 events across 5 venues for officiating and performance review

VAR official training

Focus can be configured to emulate a live game with multiple systems playing back in sync. This allows you to configure VAR, AVAR and pitch-side referee set-ups to replay a particular situation that occurred previously. As complex VAR situations are relatively rare, experiencing these occurrences “live” is an invaluable component of VAR training.

Focus Case Study

SBG Focus in use at the Olympic Stadium for the Anniversary Games in London. See how it works.

Integration with SBG Hub

SBG Hub connects your team and provides an easy way to share video, reports and insights. Its unique hybrid architecture brings you the best dedicated analysis tools with all the flexibility and scalability that comes with an online platform.

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In the stadium or at the training ground, Focus can record multiple video angles for instant review. Incidents can be tagged, added to playlists and then shared during or after the match.