Focus for Teams

In Game

For that all important half-time talk, the right video angles help communicate more effectively to the team. Focus allows multiple clients to collaborate on the same timeline so playlists can be built as the game progresses with input from analysts and coaching staff.


With the ability to record multiple angles for multi-channel video review, Focus allows you to capture every moment of training. Key moments can be tagged and clipped to provide immediate feedback to the coach and team. Archive and share whole sessions for post-event analysis.

FocusForTeams Quote

Focus has been designed with simplicity in mind with full multi-angle capability at home or on the road.

Medical Systems

Video review is an essential component for injury assessment. Focus has been designed with a tablet friendly interface to provide medical staff with pitch side replay of all available angles.

Focus Case Study

SBG Focus in use at the Olympic Stadium for the Anniversary Games in London. See how it works.

See also Focus For Officiating

Find out how Focus can be used by officials for live Video Adjudication as well as a training tools for all aspects of Officiating.