MatchTracker for Officials

Positional Analysis for Referees and Assistant Referees

Positioning is a key component to being able to judge incidents. MatchTracker Officials creates position-based metrics for every relevant event both live and post review and provides positioning animations and visualisations to help with training and development.

Match Preparation

Get ahead of the game by researching the performance and behaviours of teams and individual players. MatchTracker delivers all the relevant video and data you need in an accessible format which can be sync’d with your laptop or compatible tablet.

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MatchTracker is used by the PGMOL for all their Premier League analysis.

Trends and Multigame Review

Compare the behaviour of teams across a competition and the performance of officials across all their games. Use custom dashboards to analysis each aspect of officiating such as offside, red cards or VAR.

All the Angles

Make the most of multiple camera viewpoints to analyse every event from any available angle. MatchTracker is renowned for its ability to synchronise video from unlimited sources, an invaluable feature for post-game analysis as well as education training programs.

VAR Review

As VAR plays an ever-increasing role in officiating, it is vital for any referee to understand what the VAR was able to see at a point in question. MatchTracker allows weekend games to be quickly reviewed and all VAR incidents to be pulled together displaying every available angle for precision and clarity.

Integration with the Hub

Sharing video and data while on the move is key to the smooth running of a referee department. Using the Hub, referee departments can upload, share and archive incidents and situations that you want to use for reference, training and mentoring programs. The hybrid nature of the Hub means data and video can be cached on tablet or laptop and viewed when travelling or offline.

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Find out how MatchTracker is the go-to decision support software for Premier League football teams thanks to its unrivalled analysis, visualisation and review options.