MatchTracker for Teams

Analyse the Competition

Examine the tactical and technical performance of the opposition with live match analysis and review trends in-game and across past games. Use these tools for performance analysis, pre-match planning as well as talent scouting.

No Limits

Import unlimited videos from any source. Whether it’s specially mounted IP cameras or feeds from the OB truck, any signal or camera can be integrated into the software and distributed to all SBG applications on the network.
Combine video with data from multiple sources such as events, tags, positioning and biometric for a complete picture in-game.
Pre-recorded video can also be integrated into projects and quickly synchronised with data after the match or session has finished.


MatchTracker modules include opposition and scouting, tactical and technical performance, tempo and pace measurement and game trend review.
These modules have various visualisation components and customisable dashboards to help you build presentations for coaches and players, as well as allow you to compare teams, matches or players quickly and in a consistent manner.

MatchTrackerForTeams Quote

MatchTracker is used by 70% of the Premier League™ as well as Clubs and Federations across the top leagues in Europe.

Find Key Game Moments

Automatic customisable alerts allow you to pinpoint important situations in the game quickly and provide new metrics by which to measure performance for post-match analysis.

Automatic Tagging

Sophisticated templates can be built to automate much of the tagging process. This can be integrated live with Focus, The Hub or 3rd party tagging software.

Share Instantly

Once a game has been ingested it will automatically get distributed to all users in an instant.

Taking the game and session data you can build custom workbooks, playlists and whiteboards that can easily be shared with other users of the platform.

Images, video and data can also be exported to files in seconds to share with staff, the team and fans.

MatchTracker Case Study

SBG Sports invites you to take a behind-the-scene look at how Derby County FC uses MatchTracker to prepare for matches, analyse in-game events and review team performance.

"We can use MatchTracker visually in any way we want... A key element is the Set Piece data (which) allows us to code bespoke moments"
Steve Rands, Head of Performance Analysis, Derby County FC

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