RaceWatch for Race Control

Live Track Marshalling

Full system marshalling and control of track light panels and on-board LED displays. Fast creation and network distribution of race control messages. Automated blue flags. Multiple backup communication channels to ensure that race management continues even after failure of infrastructure components.

Incident Detection and Review

Intelligent data analysis and camera selection reduces the time to review race incidents from minutes to seconds. Automatic alerts give immediate access to video of race incidents. Switch track cameras automatically to follow a single car. Bookmark of incidents for easy retrieval and single click referral to stewards. Integrated incident communication system between race control and stewards. Comprehensive data analysis of car telemetry including speed, throttle, braking.

RaceWatch Quote

"We have a shared commitment to achieving the highest standards in safety and control for events and circuits around the world,” says FIA Formula 1 Race Director, Michael Masi

Technical Scrutineering

Multiple customisable systems for policing of rules: tyres, fuel, energy usage, weighbridge control, on-car system monitoring. Programmable alerts for rules infringements.

Radio and Video Recording and Playback

RaceRadio enables recording of up to 64 channels of team radio. The files are then synchronised with timing, video and telemetry data for analysis and review.

FIA Official Supplier of Race Control Systems

Exclusively supplying integrated Marshalling, Stewarding, Video Review, Scrutineering and Race Management systems to the majority of major FIA-run series.

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RaceWatch is a fully integrated data analysis and video system, providing everything you need in one place for clearer visualisation and highly informed decisions on race strategy.