RaceWatch for Teams

Data from Every Angle

Race strategy software, RaceWatch, combines and synchronises multiple data sources including timing feeds, GPS positioning, telemetry, race control messages, weather data, team radios and live video from onboard, track, pit and broadcast cameras.

Everything You Need on One Screen

Fully customisable layouts mean that each engineer can build their own dashboards of analysis and video displays. Dedicated displays can be set up and shared for the pit wall, garage and factory. On-the-fly real-time analysis of incoming data provides Instant alerts for key incidents and race events.

RaceWatch For Teams Quote

"RaceWatch takes a huge amount of the stress and pressure, and in particular the guess work, out of the job"

Analyse the Competition

Competitor analysis includes detailed breakdown and plotting of lap time data, real-time GPS analysis including live speed traces and racing lines, tyre analysis, and on-board video.

Race Strategy and Stint Planning

A sophisticated AI race strategy system, based on live modelling and tracking of driver performance, tyre degradation and pit stop analysis. Displays tailored for fast, reactive and accurate strategic and tactical decisions. Traffic management with identification of slow cars. Precise pit-stop management in race, with clear traffic views and predicted gaps.

Post-Event Analysis

Fully synchronised post session review of timing, GPS, track state, video and radio. Recreate the precise state of knowledge at any stage of the event.

RaceWatch Case Study

SBG invites you to take a look behind-the-scenes at how RaceWatch is an invaluable tool for Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport when it comes to race planning, strategy, data and video analysis and most importantly – winning.

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