Intuitive Search and Filters

With its powerful search and retrieval functions, the Hub is a crucial component of your performance analysis toolset. All ingests created by SBG products are tagged automatically when published meaning organising and distributing the right clips to the right people can be achieved in a few clicks.

Creating and Publishing Playlists

With Focus and Matchtracker you can sync and share playlists via the Hub to other users or anyone in the team who has a Hub account. Each instance can contain as many relevant angles as you have available and each angle can be viewed in sync either side by side or as a quad.

SBGHub Quote

SBG Hub has been used by leading Federations to build video and report archives of key incidents to be shared for training and scrutinising

Pre-Match, In-Game or Post Review

With integration with your favourite SBG products you can use the Hub for sharing content live with the bench or sending post-match reports and presentations. You can also use the Hub to share and sync documents such as PDF’s, CSV’s and XML’s along with the tagged video to provide the complete picture.