Data and Video Logging

At the heart of the in-car software is a recorder for all inputs that are provided to the software. There is no limit to the number of channels or video streams that the application can record. You can even record higher quality videos to transfer later while re-streaming local quality for clients that are connected live.
The same applies to CAN bus, gps and other car data. All data is logged and uses can configure which data is streamed live back to a base station.

Live monitoring

Low latency streaming is very important for live test applications. Significant time and expense can be saved when test session are interactive and users can react to events as they happen.
Fusion provides instant replay of data and video at any point and allows for video to be clipped and data to be exported while still running the live session.
Users can also create bookmarks or events during live sessions that they can return to at a later time.

Automotive Quote

SBG works with some of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

Review and Analysis

Like all SBG products, Fusion provides a rich and sophisticated toolset for reviewing and analysing synchronised media and data.
Navigational tools provide instant access to any point in a session based on customisable alerts, key events, gps location or any data timestamp.
Exports are fully customisable allowing integration with 3rd party databases or applications.


Along with data from the car, Fusion can be integrated with 3rd party solutions that transmit or create data relating to the occupants. This could be heart rate, skin conductance or gaze detection, we can also integrate with media analysis plug-ins for voice intonation, gestures or facial expression.
This means that the emotional or physical response of drivers and passengers can be lined up with car data and contextual video providing greater insight into human car interactions.