Team Performance Analysis

MatchTracker performance analysis software brings together all the teams' performance data including event, camera based tracking, GPS, biometric and coach and analyst tagging. You can combine this data with multiple video angles so that game moments can be viewed in context and performance can be compared with the opposition, previous games and between players in the team.

Opposition Scouting

Opposition analysis is where MatchTracker really comes into its own. You can view dozens of games at the same time and create custom dashboards and analysis windows for all aspects of play from build up to set pieces and then output video, KPIs, statistics and XMLs of Tags for presentation to the coaches and players.

Multi-Channel Video Recording

There is no substitute for capturing the right video angle for an event. Sometimes the broadcaster will have the best shot but in other situations fixed cameras may provide a better viewpoint.

SBG has scalable recording solutions that can capture any number of video angles all in sync. These can be provided in many different formats such as SDI, DVB, HDMI or IP and viewed on multiple clients over the network.

While recording, users can tag incidents, review them from different camera angles and then share these video clips.

Live Automated Tagging

In the hectic environment of a live game when everyone should be concentrating on the action, MatchTracker can be employed in real-time to create custom live tags based on the requirements of the coaches and players. This frees up analysts to support the coach and focus on specific elements that require expert input.

These automatic live tags with labels, metrics and descriptive text can be streamed into the Focus database or shared with popular 3rd party analysis tools.

Derby County Football Club Case Study

Take a look behind-the-scenes to see how MatchTracker is an invaluable tool for Derby County Football Club when it comes to making winning decisions for pre-match planning, live match analysis and post-match review.


MatchTracker is also available as a special version for officials and competition organisers. All aspects of officiating can be analysed as well as the discipline and behaviour of specific teams and players to help officials prepare for upcoming games.

With positioning data you can even check and measure the performance of the Referee and the 2 Assistant Referees in terms of positioning and movement at all of the key game moments.

Video Assistant Referee

SBG has been involved in the IFAB VAR Protocol from its first iteration. We will continue to ensure that Focus complies with all technical guidelines and recommendations as the protocol is updated.

Competitions and Leagues

MatchTracker can be used to analyse all the games in a competition to gain a deeper understanding of performance, discipline, quality and officiating.

As well as being able to deep dive into an individual game you can also look at trends across a season or compare data across different competitions.