Race Teams

The RaceWatch team strategy system provides a fully customisable integrated environment for data analysis and visualisation, race planning, live video and radio monitoring and video clip sharing. With hundreds of highly interactive, real-time data analysis tools, all fully synchronised with video,

RaceWatch is the leading race strategy software for pre-race planning, live data visualisation and post-session review in many major motorsports series, including Formula 1, Formula E and the World Endurance Championship.

Race Control

SBG has revolutionised the Race Control environment with its intuitive and scalable suite of software applications. The RaceWatch race control systems integrate all cameras, radio and intercom communications, timing data, GPS, telemetry, marshalling system control and tyre information into a powerful shared environment which forms the backbone of behind-the-scenes operations at many of the biggest motor sport series in the world.
RaceWatch is also the go-to system to run all your race circuit sessions, used by circuit officials for improving safety and increasing the track availability as well as providing enhanced data and video services for track hire and club events.

Motorsport Quote

RaceWatch has automated many complex processes and helps stewards make faster, more accurate, more consistent decisions

Fan engagement

RacePad is an IOS app which provides a personalised and immersive trackside experience. Timing, video, GPS and driver telemetry are all available along with head to head visualisation, automated commentary and one click review of any event.

Video Management

SBG’s Hub puts you in control to make decisions whether you're on the road or back at base. Its unique hybrid architecture gives you the flexibility to access your video and data from any location on any device.

RaceWatch Case Study

SBG Sports Software invites you to take a behind-the-scenes look at how Porsche utilised SBG RaceWatch software at the Le Mans 24 Hour and in the World Endurance Championship..