ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport take delivery of SBG RaceWatch software for Formula E

New Formula E version of leading strategy tool, RaceWatch, is released in time for Mexico City race.

SBG Sports Software has announced that ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport has signed a 3-season deal for RaceWatch strategy and analysis software for its Formula E team.

Thomas Beirmeier, Sport Director of ABT Sportline explained his motivations behind the purchase, “We’ve been using SBG software in other Championships and know of its unrivalled ability to assist in making the right strategy calls. The Formula E format is very compact and there is a lot of information to digest around the car change. Any delay or mistake can result in the loss of race position and vital championship points”. RaceWatch software ingests and synchronises all available video and data feeds and presents customised visual analytics from its live processing engine to laptops, tablets or fixed screens, keeping the team informed at every stage.

Simon Cuff, Business Development Director, SBG Sport Software commented “Our software has proven its worth in many series and we’re delighted that ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport has opted to install RaceWatch as their primary performance analysis and live strategy system.” RaceWatch for Formula E is available with immediate effect on an annual subscription. Contact SBG Sports Software for more details.

About SBG SBG Sports Software is the leading software vendor in realtime sports analytics. Its strategy and analysis systems have powered championship-winning teams across many disciplines including motorsport and football.