SBG Focus for Video Assistant Referees launched at Soccerex

A new version of Focus with unique features developed for the FIFA VAR trials and fully compliant with the FIFA VAR Protocol is available immediately.

Built on the core SBG platform and combined with a brand new user interface design, SBG Focus provides federations and leagues with a new option when it comes to Video Refereeing.

SBG ran 8 systems in Rio this summer providing Video Refereeing systems for many sports across all the venues and it was an instant hit with both the operators and the judges. Focus has also been used at Diamond League events to adjudicate Track and Field and also came away with rave reviews.

It’s this flexibility and ability to handle numerous video sources in any format that has enabled SBG to gain a foothold so quickly.

Simon Cuff, Commercial Director SBG, “Our experience of dealing with 50 to 100 video feeds in a fast paced environment such as motorsport has ensured our technology is scalable, responsive and most importantly cost effective. The integration with data is also extremely effective to provide the operator with the right channel on the right frame when there are too many inputs to monitor visually”.

Dave Crump, CEO, Creative Technology UK, “We selected SBG for all of our key events in 2016 as the system is very intuitive and operators can be up and running with just minutes of training. It’s also very easy to integrate with our own network cameras as well as broadcast and other video sources.”

As well as Video Adjudication the system can also be deployed in training environments and used for post- match analysis, ingesting coding, eventing and positional data from a variety of sources. This, alongside the recorded radio, gives perfect post analysis solutions for officials and teams alike.